Jez San

President and Founder, PKR


The first person to ever be awarded an OBE for services to the computer games industry, Jez San is one of the UK’s best known technology entrepreneurs.

Having founded his first company Argonaut at age 16, Jez was responsible for hit release StarGlider, one of the first 3D games to hit the nascent video games market. This passion for three dimensional graphics in videogames was and continues to be, Jez’s forte.

In the early 90’s Jez and the Argonaut team invented the world’s first 3D graphics accelerator chip, which was sold to Nintendo. Following a number of other technology projects for companies as diverse as Philips and Apple, Argonaut then invented their own microprocessor chip called the ARC. ARC International was spun out into a separate company and both ARC and Argonaut floated in 2000.

While playing poker at home with friends and online, Jez dreamed of developing a more realistic poker game that had true-to-life qualities.

As President, Jez’s day-to-day role involves negotiating strategic partnerships, working with investors, talking to the industry and building and refining our strategy while keeping a critical eye on our product to ensure that it’s the best it can be.